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International Conference “Ukrainian Railways: Development & Investment”. DescriptionУкраїнська /Русский /English
International Conference Ukrainian Railways: Development & Investment. April 18, 2017,  Kyiv

State regulation: how to create competitive market of rail services

Rolling stock: what quantity and quality of rolling stock is necessary to implement a forward-looking development model for Ukrainian railways

Infrastructure: quantitative and qualitative evaluation of infrastructure readiness for changes in cargo flows. Assessment of trends and investment volumes.

  • Establishing the long-term investment policy of Ukrzaliznytsia. Debt management, risk management, promising patterns of investment in certain companies.
  • Effective tariff regulations of rail transportation market, transparent method of calculating the freight tariff.
  • Antimonopoly regulation of Ukrzaliznytsia’s activity on the operator market. Developing of independent regulator.
  • Definitions of Carrier, Rolling stock operator, Infrastructure operator and Distribution of functions.
  • Assessment of the required size of gondola park given the existing and projected cargo base. Terms of the investment in specialized rolling stock.
  • Impact of fleet management on the total amount of required rolling stock, cooperation between dispatching departments of independent operators and Ukrzaliznytsia.
  • Estimate of mainline and shunting traction shortage. Modernization of available locomotives, possibility and scope of restoration works.
  • Pricing policy of rail carriage building and car repair companies.
  • Rolling stock preservation – responsibilities, damage recording, prevention of accidents during loading/unloading/sorting operations.
  • Is infrastructure ready to accept wagons with loads up to 25 and 27 tonnes per axle on main lines?
  • Analysis of freight wagons speed (average on rail network/on the section), reasons for infrastructural limits (steep curves, climbs and slopes, depreciated sections of track bed structure).
  • Building a second railway line on the busiest tracks as a mean to optimize empty park management.
  • Unification of electrified railway sections.
  • Port railway infrastructure development.

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