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International Exhibition “Rail Expo”. Media-partnersУкраїнська/Русский/English
International Exhibition “Rail Expo”, 2017,  Kyiv
The Journal of Transport

The weekly information and analytical Journal of Transport highlights problems of functioning and development of the transport sector. It is aimed at all participants of the transport services market and practitioners of the transport industry. The key distinction of the Journal of Transport is delivering fresh analytical information on the situation in various sectors of the transport industry. Much attention is paid to transport organization, as well as to transport logistics of domestic and transit cargo flows and their containerization.

Business Portal UAprom.info

The Business Portal UAprom.info is a leading business publication that tells about the real sector of economy of Ukraine. The Portal provides up-to-date and exclusive information about Ukraine’s industries, focusing on mining, metallurgical, engineering and transport sectors. Also, the UAprom.info discloses the impact which the state industrial policy has on the economy of Ukraine.

The Journal of Railway Supply

The major task of the Journal of Railway Supply is to help establishing the business relations between producers involved in the railway industry and a buyer. The goal of the Journal is to provide accurate information about Ukrainian producers and suppliers of the entire range of railway products, as well as to acquaint readers with world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of railway products. The articles circle around current trends in rail transport market and touch the history of the development of rail transport in Ukraine.

National Industrial Portal

National Industrial Portal is a resource that tells everything about the development and achievements in the Ukraine’s industry. The portal helps to learn much about the companies and enterprises that work and develop in Ukraine, contributing significantly to growth of the economy of the country and representing Ukraine as an important industrial player in the commodity markets all over the world.


vagon.by provides rolling stock news, catalog of freight cars with photos, special service to compare the characteristics of wagons, photo gallery, validation and decoding of freight car registration numbers.