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International Exhibition “Rail Expo”. DescriptionУкраїнська/Русский/English
International Exhibition “Rail Expo”, 2017,  Kyiv

For the first time in a history, a specialized railway exhibition in the international format Rail EXPO 2017 took place in Ukraine!

The International Specialized Exhibition Rail EXPO 2017 (#REUA) was held at the exhibition complex of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kyiv on October 24-25. The event was devoted to the railway industry, namely to railway transport, infrastructure and production of equipment and components for the railway market.

The list of exhibitors, who presented their boosts at the event, included large companies from seven countries of the world – Ukraine, India, Latvia, the USA, Bulgaria, China and Poland.

More than 400 companies
from 26 countries of the world participated:
  • 12 – locomotive repair enterprises
  • 14 – car-building companies
  • 32 – service companies that specialize in rolling stock repair
  • 45 – operators and freight forwarders of railway rolling stock
  • 28 – large cargo owners who command the services of the railway
  • 127 – manufacturers and suppliers of components

  • The others were the government and public organizations, research institutions, engineering companies, consulting agencies, banking and financial institutions, insurance and law firms, recruiting agencies.
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The conferences of REUA 2017 are management forums for the business community. With the participation of industry experts, opinion leaders and practitioners, we are talking about the future of the railways in the following directions:

The honorable guests of the exhibition emphasized the significance of the event for revival of Ukrainian railway and car building industries, as well as for leading world technologies introduction and spurring the sustainable economic growth.

Anatolii Khirshfeld, Executive Director of National Commission on Industrial Policy of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:
- The main core of the industrial development program we are advocating is the localization of complex equipment in Ukraine at 40%. We already see this example - General Electric will locate the production of traction rolling stock in Ukraine at 40%.
- Investment in the renovation of Ukrzaliznytsia has reached an unprecedented volume of almost UAH 5.5 billion. The funds are intended for updating of railcars, locomotives, electric locomotives and infrastructure. This will provide an effective support to Ukraine’s economy and create the additional jobs.
Victor Galasyuk, Chairman of Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:
- I visited all exhibition boosts at #RailExpo at Chamber Plaza. Producers are unanimously supporting the initiative "Buy Ukrainian, pay Ukrainians!" The bill provides a significant price advantage for those enterprises that localized their production in Ukraine and consume the Ukrainian resources. In other words, if you use Ukrainian labor, energy, raw materials and loans, you are ranked as a highly localized producer and, accordingly, you can sell your goods at government purchases at higher price compared with importers. It is a strategic initiative to protect the domestic market. The Package of Industrial Reforms includes a number of bills that are aiming at removal of barriers and boosting the production, as well as at promoting the development of Ukrainian industry as a whole.
Victor Dovhan, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine
- The developed railway will sew our country with iron threads. It will become the basis of Ukraine’s economy, since both passenger transportation and export traffic are important drivers of a successful development of the country’s infrastructure.
Hennadii Chizhykov, President of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
- We are ambitious enough – we are striving to have the best, but we curb our desires in favor of future generations. We need everyone to say that Ukraine has the best railways and a favorable geographical location. We want Ukrainian employees to be proud of being car builders and railroaders. It’s good to set ambitious goals! We have to be the best!

We believe that the development of Ukrainian rail transport will create a steady home demand for products of steel and construction industries, and it will become a driver of positive changes in the national economy!
Let’s start preparing for the International Specialized Exhibition Rail EXPO 2018 today!