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International Conference “Engineering & Equipment of Railways”. DescriptionУкраїнська/Русский/English
International Conference “Engineering & Equipment of Railways” October 25, 2017,  Kyiv
International Conference “Engineering & Equipment of Railways” to be held on October 25 within the framework of the specialized exhibition Rail Expo 2017
  • Boosting the speed on railways – dreams and reality:
  • What prevents Ukrainian railways from increasing a speed?
  • Global experience and optimal model of main railway line (MRL) for Ukraine.
  • Priority guidelines to introduce high-speed traffic.
  • Choosing directions of switching the Ukrainian Railways: East-West, 1520 or 1435? Ukraine’s integration into the European transport network:
  • Applicable methods of changing the width of the track.
  • Rail divorce: is it possible to separate freight and passenger flows?
  • Challenges to the use of a track for both freight and passenger transportation: limit speeds on the straight and curved sections, barrier to freight trains access to the track.
  • Traffic safety and infrastructure upgrades – technological solutions for increased speed:
  • Technologies of continuous gauges.
SPECIAL TOPIC: Specialized track equipment update:
  • automotive diagnostic laboratories
  • automotive diagnostic laboratories
  • other construction and repair machine complexes
  • Digital revolution on railways: the way the digitalization may affect the freight traffic?
  • Real-time monitoring of cargo flows: electronic interaction of cargo owners with transport and logistics companies.
  • Application of automation methods at sorting stations: “locomotive without a drive” and remote control of processes.
  • Signaling and communication of a new generation, GPS monitoring systems, flowmeter.
Preliminary programme in pdf:

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