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III International Conference “Freight Traffic on Dnipro River”. DescriptionРусский/English
International Conference Freight Traffic on Dnipro River. April 12, 2018,  Kyiv
On April 12, Promgruz.com held an Third International Conference
“Freight traffic on Dnipro River.
Cargo flow, infrastructure, investment”

More than 100 participants from 6 countries took part in the event.

Photos. Part 1

Photos. Part 2

Photos. Part 3

All photos from the Conference are available on our Facebook page

The third international conference “Freight traffic on Dnipro River” was aimed at calling special attention to cargo transportation on inland waterways.

The discussions within the block “Development of freight traffic on Dnipro River” were circling around the following themes:
  • Bills №2475а и №2475а-4 “On inland waterway transport”
  • The Inland Water Transport Development Program
  • Prospects for development of river transportation in Ukraine
  • Prospects and mechanisms for attracting investment in river infrastructure
  • Establishing of transport and logistics complex for intermodal international transportation
The block “Infrastructure” was devoted to following issuers:
  • Dredging the fairway of the Dnipro River
  • Economy and security of Dnipro locks. Features of locking through barge towing arrangements
  • Port infrastructure development prospects
  • Potential cargoes in the region of the Dnipro River
  • Competitiveness of river transportation
The block “Fleet and Shipbuilding” covered as follows:
  • Optimum vessel size suited for Dnipro River. River ship or sea-river vessel – which is the right one?
  • The current situation on the market of small-tonnage fleet in the Azov-Black Sea basin
  • Revival of shipbuilding and navigation on inland waterways of Ukraine
  • Schemes to attract fleet for operation on inland waterways