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II International Conference “Grain transportation and storage in Ukraine 2017“. ProgramРусский/English
II International Conference “Grain transportation and storage in Ukraine». October 23, 2017,  Kyiv

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the

II International Conference “Grain transportation and storage in Ukraine 2017”

which will be held on 23 October 2017 at the Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv. The conference is hosted bythe Information Service promgruz.com.

  • Development of grain-handling facilities of Ukrainian ports: new projects and modernization of existing terminals.
  • High competition – whether grain handling tariffs at their bottom or not?
  • Payback of new projects for stevedores without their own cargoes.
  • Bottleneck of agro logistics–are port railway stations a keystone? Throughput of railway sidetracks to ports.
SPECIAL THEME: What difficulties the stevedoring companies have to overcome while operating the port infrastructure facilities. The agreement that insures port operator’s access to the berths.
SPECIAL THEME: Trapsandpitfalls: problems in implementationof investment projects.

  • Private rail cars VS monopolyof the Ukrainian railways – Investing in own fleet of grain cars: an opportunity or a necessity?
  • Wagon turnover rate– lackof effective management or shortage of traction?
  • Transparent rail car fleet distribution: who is going to live well in the season?
  • Yes or not to railway tariffsindexing? What benefit will a consignor get?
SPECIAL THEME: Best practices of how to minimize grain losses during transportation by road and rail.
  • Tighter size and weight control on Ukrainian roads – amyth or a reality? Ways grainexporters had to change the logisticsduring the recent time.
  • Pros and cons of own fleet and engaged carriers.
SPECIAL THEME: Economics and features of rivertransportation of grain in Ukraine.
SPECIAL THEME: Containerization, or how to export small consignmentsof grain.
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