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International Conference “Car Building & Rolling Stock Repair in Ukraine”. DescriptionУкраїнська /Русский /English
International Conference Car Building & Rolling Stock Repair in Ukraine October 24, 2017,  Kyiv International Conference “Car Building & Rolling Stock Repair in Ukraine” to be held on October 24 within the framework of the specialized exhibition Rail Expo 2017
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Central topics of the Conference are as follows:
  • Double bottomed order portfolio: Why did car fleet renewal campaign fail to spur the rail car building in Ukraine? Does the country need innovative wagons?
  • Pay less – earn more! Priorities of public procurement: either low prices or life cycle expenses.
  • New wagons VS restored ones: economic feasibility and operational efficiency of the restored car fleet in comparison with the new rolling stock. Wagons from the Customs Union secondary market: renting/buying and extending their service life.
  • What will drive the locomotive building in Ukraine strategic alliances or own searches?
SPECIAL TOPIC: Equipment, materials and supplies for railcar building plants and locomotive works
  • automatic coloring
  • innovative wear and tear, corrosion resistant coatings
  • composite materials used in production of railcar parts
  • Overcoming a monopoly over repair services. What is restraining arrival of private capital in this business?
  • Rolling stock health supervision - the way the rules are going to change.
  • CUR-2 (current uncoupled repair). Operator’s phantom pain: has a wagon been really repaired?
  • Scatter, Leak, Drying, Spillage: - how to protect the cargo on the railway and preserve its quality and volume?
  • To hear everyone: How to break the vicious circle and find a compromise among market participants’ interests?
The preliminary program of the conference:

Conference paper and sponsorship
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