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International Exhibition “Rail Expo”. DescriptionУкраїнська/Русский/English
International Exhibition “Rail Expo”, 2017,  Kyiv

The international exhibition Rail Expo 2017 held in B2B format is a highlight in the 1520 railway segment. This specialized exhibition called REUA 2017 focuses precisely on the railway industry and brings together the public and private sectors from around the world. With this exhibition, we are creating a platform for transnational exchange of experience, as well as establishing trends and prerequisites for rapid positive changes on the railways.

Up to 1700 m² of exhibition space

More than 5000 participating experts

October 24-25, 2017 Exhibition Center Chamber Plaza
Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
(Kyiv, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str., 33).

The REUA 2017 exhibition brings together world leading rail brands with thousands of potential customers - professional managers who influence the decision-making in their companies. Manufacturers of goods and services for the railway industry will have a great chance to present their products directly to consumers and find partners (dealers, investors) thereby expanding their sales markets. The exhibition will also allow meeting with contractors and suppliers, as well as testing new ideas and products. The attendees will undoubtedly discover new opportunities for developing their own business.

The conferences of REUA 2017 are management forums for the business community. With the participation of industry experts, opinion leaders and practitioners, we are talking about the future of the railways in the following directions:

For participation, please contact
Natalya Krut
Deputy head manager of www.promgruz.com
tel./fax: +38 056 370 18 32 ext. 259
mob.: +38 (066) 419 98 91, +38 (068) 410 11 03
e-mail: n.kruti@promgruz.com

Dmitriy Kozhevnikov
Leading specialist of the project
tel./fax: + 38 (056) 370 18 32 ext. 395
mob.: + 38 (067) 255 00 57, + 38 (095) 008 94 55
e-mail: d.kozhevnikov@promgruz.com